Snarvei til hovedinnholdet


Upset prevention and recovery training will follow all future pilots throughout their entire training and further into their airline careers. An advanced UPRT course will further educate pilots not only to learn procedures to recover, but also to learn about their own reactions to aeroplane upsets. The human factor is a large part of both the theoretical and practical flying.

Pilot Flight Academy (PFA) have designed a course based on EASA regulations, part FCL 745(A) and The Norwegian CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) have approved this course as of March 2020. Since then, more than 100 pilots have completed the course.


Classes of 2020 and beyond will have this course as part of their mandatory ATP(A) training programme, and as such our capacity to have modular courses will be limited in 2022. We therefore strongly recommend that you complete the course at the earliest opportunity.

February 28th – Torp, Sandefjord
March 3rd – Torp, Sandefjord

There is no expiration date on the course.

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