Multi Crew Cooperation Course
Working as a team and maintaining a high level of synergy is essential to safely operate a large commercial airliner. Our MCC course, taught by experienced Boeing 737 airline pilots, will teach you the fundamentals regarding multi crew operations. This course is usually mandatory in order to be offered a job for the airlines.

Jet Orientation Course
Having most likely only operated a smaller GA aircraft during the course of your flight training, a big jet like the Boeing 737 can be a lot to handle. Our Jet Orientation course, also taught by experienced Boeing 737 pilots, will teach you everything you need to know about energy management, system management, jet engine management, as well as continuing to fine-tune your crew resource management skills! The ideal course to give you the edge over your competition for that airline job, as well as the best preparation thinkable for a potential airline simulator assessment.

Our Simulator
We are proud to be operating one of the most modern and realistic Boeing 737 Next Generation simulators in production. Although it is fixed, the nose section is taken from an actual Boeing 737 that has spent countless hours airborne! All of the systems and instruments are a true representation of what you would find on board a real Boeing 737. Even control inputs, being force fed make the simulator fly like the real deal!
We are certain that you will be impressed by our top-modern simulator!

3-day theory course taught by experienced Boeing 737 pilots. The practical MCC portion of the programme includes 20 hours in the simulator of which half will be as “Pilot Flying” and the other half as “Pilot Monitoring”. The practical JOC on the other hand comprises of 15 hours in the simulator, again split into half-and-half as “Pilot Flying” and “Pilot Monitoring”.
Each lesson is started with a thorough pre-flight briefing led by the instructor, and is equally ended by a thorough de-brief where items will be discussed in detail.


Pre-Entry Requirements
1. Hold, or having held an IR(A)ME rating.

Pilot Flight Academy assists all coming students in finding housing.
We have different dorm room solutions at the actual airport/school premises, and will forward all enrolled students to further booking of these or other housing alternatives.
Prices will vary with size, private bathroom solution etc, but starts from app. NOK 5000 per month, electricity and wifi included.
All rooms come with a bed, wardrobe closet and desk, some dorm rooms have a private bathroom. All dorm room facilities are newly decorated and fresh looking.
For more information about accommodation, contact:

Price for MCC, 34.900,-
Price for MCC/JOC, 49.900,-

A sign-on fee of NOK 5.000 is required, but will however be subtracted from the course cost and will therefore not lead to any additional expense.

For both MCC and MCC/JOC it is mandatory to have two participants. It is up to the students itself to provide a second participant.

For more information, contact Stian Hassum:

To sign up, contact: